I started doing this today to see where I'm still making mistakes, not watching the cards when someone over bets caught me twice today, finished top 300 in open poker tourney with a full 10,000 players had decent cards A-j followd an all in after the flop, wasn't really aping attention, didn't see 2 10's flop knock out with trips, silly boy, similar thing happened on another table.

Note to self watch the over bets, look at my cards and try to determine what is in there hand..

Make my first note on a player today aswell, very loose player all in 10k with a 5-4 preflop as well as 4-5 other things I picked up tracking back through the history....

Back to the next play money table, Must say I am enjoying the game a bit more, just need to be more patiant...lol

Till next time,

Muzz out.