After last night had a restless sleep I decided to set my slider at 6x -3x bb and adapt or try to adapt to a real tight playing style.

No more rubbish hands, my stats in my first game were pretty good I think - 45 man 2k play money....

Knock out 13th on pocket Q's to pocket K's with a king on the turn..... 8k chips oh well.

Not sure how to bring them back up... ah..... No show for free play

Oh well saw the pot like12 out 70 times

won 8-8 pots

5 without sowdown..... pretty close to this

Anyway for the next couple of days I will try to stick to this tight play style in the early stages of big tourneys...

Normal hands I'd punt on now instantly folded, searching out the monster only for now.

Open skill tourney at the momnet sitting 1800 from 10,000 so yeah I think this reuslt is favouable at the moment.....

Till next time,

Muzz out

(Finished top 300)