I watched Chewme1's video - MTT basics. The keyword that he mentioned at the very beginning is that to play in MTT, you gotta be tight. I am so happy to hear this because i am a tight player too. 

Why am i tight? I am tight for the following reasons:

I am a financial market trader. In financial market, you are doomed if you simply trade in and out without any solid plan. Hence, we wait patiently for the right opportunity to come. This is what we call the sniper trade. We do not use machine gun to fire trades aimlessly.

Even when the right opportunity come, we do not put all our capital into that trade i.e. we do not move all in!! In fact we risk at most 5% of our capital for one trade at a time so that even if we are wrong (yes, we will be wrong!!), we still have another 19 sniper bullets to fire. The aim of trading is to come out ahead as time goes by. This is similar to poker. MTT is like a marathon, and you gotta grind bit by bit instead of making your chip stacks swing widely. The goal is to survive the MTT and go to finishing in cash at least.