Hi Andre' Coimbra, my name is Charles Hunt...screen name Lumbee77..I am from North Carolina USA.I am 36 years old,married, and i have 2 children, a 10 year old girl, and a 15 year old boy who i adore greatly., I was looking through the PSO online and saw the promotion that You and Pokerstars was offering. I think that is wonderful,poker is such a great and competitive game. I've always watched my Uncles and other family members play as i was coming up as a young boy. As a teenager coming up through school, we always were playing poker and other card games as well, 5 card draw and 7 card stud were always fun, but no limit was too.Of course we had no idea about all the ins and outs of strategy, just hoping we had the best hand at the showdow..lol.So ive been playing awhile from my earlier years.Well as poker got really popular i would always watch it on tv and really enjoy the way the game was being played.The shows were WSOP Main Event, the WPT and such.Great stuff lol.Well about 5 1/2 yrs ago march 22nd 2008, i was involved in a tree accident, i was with a couple of friends at another one of our friends parents house.We were cutting trees down to help his parents as they were not physically able too.Well at the later part of the day, a tree that we were cutting broke the wrong way, and fell on me. The tree broke my neck at the C-7 vertabre area leaving me paralyzed from the chest down, so i now live my life as a quadriplegic.I am very lucky to still be alive, only by the grace of GOD. So once i come home and readjusted to my new life, i started to do lots of things on the internet like social media, studying diffrent things, lots of reading, but the most fun thing ONLINE POKER LOL....man i tell you what, that was wonferful.So i started to play lots of poker and was bitten by the poker bug. I would study then play, study then play.I love the game so much.I actually learned alot about the game that i actually deposited into Pokerstars and was playing almost everyday.I was a member with WSOP ACADEMY, read lots of books and just tried to improve as much as i could.Then PSO LIVE TRAINING CAME. Wow what a great place to learn, have fun, and improve my game, so thankful. I now host home games, wow still playing online very regulary.Really wish us US players could play online real money again, but i still have lots of fun regardless though. I have goals to one day acheive wining a big tourament, WSOP,WPT,ETC..... and with the help of PSO and great people like yourself taking the time to teach and help others, i know that goal is reachable.So i thought i would tell you a little about myself so you would be a little familiar with myself. I am positive that being lucky enough to train and learn from you would really help to improve my overall game, so that i could strategize better and improve.SO THANKS SO MUCH TO POKERSTARS AND YOU ANDRE'  COIMBRA FOR MAKING THIS PROMOTION AVALIBLE TO ALL US PSO MEMBERS. I HOPE TO HERE FROM YOU SOON, AND HOPE MY STORY IS A INSPIRATION TO OTHERS NOT TO GIVE UP ON LIFE AND TO WORK HARD FOR YOUR GOALS!! TY CHARLES ''Lumbee77'' HUNT.  PS Im not sure how to post hand review, or a image, but i will if someone could tell me how too, HOPE THAT DONT HURT MY CHANCES TO WIN THIS AWESOME OPPORTUNITY!!