I had said that I would write a summary of the first week of my "Zero to Hero(ine)" challenge on Sunday, and I am slightly late. I do have an excuse though. As you will know if you have read my other blog posts, I decided to undertake the challenge to build my bankroll from zero. Whilst I am not quite rich yet, I have acheived a few tickets and some cash along the way.

I amassed 12 "Weekly Round 2" tickets, from various satellites. I had decided to stop at 1, because I know I can always get more in future, but I have played some additional games for fun and totted up the extra tickets.

I also acquired:

5 School Pass Tickets

2 Tickets to 100k Freeroll (though I think this is for the same tournament so I'm not sure how that works!)

1 Big Bang Ticket

1 PlayAlong Freeroll Ticket

Up until earlier today I had the grand sum of $0.10 in my bankroll, but I have just converted one of my Weekly Round 2 Tickets into cash playing the Sunday Tournament. (That is also my excuse for not having written this blog post earlier!)

I cashed 43rd out of 9139 runners for a massive $4.40.

It's not quite the big money, but I feel like I have made a start.

I have also climbed a couple of thousand places up the Open Skill League, which is a good side bonus. I hope that will also increase as I continue with my challenge.