I was thrilled to receive a Big Bang stamp for my previous blog post. I never really intended to write a blog, but when I started on my challenge to build my bankroll from zero, it seemed like a good way to catalogue my progress and also to share my experiences with fellow players. I have read other blogs written on this topic, so i am aware that it is a goal that some of us share. I also rather enjoy writing, so writing about poker is a real win win for me!

Of course the Big Bang stamp is also an entry to next month's Big Bang Tournament, which is a gratefully received addition to my tickets on the route to bankroll building. I have gathered a few tickets this week, and added a little cash to the bankroll already, but I will write a summary at the end of the week. I also have lots of ideas for posts, but I will try to pace myself. i never like to go all in on the first hand. Hey, that's both a metaphor and literally speaking a good idea for a future post. Watch this space!