You may have noticed if you have been reading my blog posts that I am a fan of metaphors. I think in images, and try to compare things to other things whenever I try to explain something.

Since I have been playing poker, I have found that I used poker-based analogies to explain life.

Today I was talking to a friend who is going through a bad patch. Without revealing any details here, the general gist is that he feels that he has made some bad decisions. Well, don't we all? Of course I have probably made bad life decisions, but I also make plenty of bad decisions whilst playing poker. What I have learned from making mistakes is that you should learn from your mistakes. There are always going to be gaps in our game, literally and metaphorically; we need to identify them and try out best to plug them. We can look over our hand histories, discuss our play with other players, pick out the areas in which we are lacking and do whatever we need to do to improve for the future.

And yet...we can sometimes feel that we have done our best., we can believe that we made the right decisions, and things still don't work out right for us. We can call that short stack's all-in with our pocket rockets, and still see his 7 9 off hit the straight. That doesn't mean we were wrong, it means we were unlucky that time. Sometimes in life you make a decision that you are sure of, and it still all turns to sawdust instead of golddust.

Poker Philosophy. It's the future.

(If you would like an update on my Zero to Hero(ine) challenge, I will let you know at the end of the week!)