Here's a little secret for you, and I am only telling you because we are friends now: I don't always have the goods when I bet.

I know! It's shocking. Who would have thought it of a poker player? If you ever played live with me you would believe every bet I make. Women don't LIE do they? That's a topic for a blog post in its own right though...I'll come back to the joys of being a female player. But sometimes I decide to lead out with a bet when I don't actually have the pickles in the jar.

I just had an interesting hand and thought I would share it with you. I don't think I played it well, but I do think I played better than the guy in seat 7.

As you can see in the Boom below, I thought that betting out my gutshot on the flop was a good move. No. I am not sure what I was thinking either, One fold, one caller. Well done Lulu, what's your plan now, you muppet?

If our good friend in seat 7 there was calling with top pair, we are behind. If he was calling with second pair we are truly behind. Face it, we are behind everything, even 7-2 here, literally! 

I'm thinking that I am rarely good on the turn here, so I check...nothing like playing like an idiot out of position, Lulu. Did I mention that you SUCK in this hand, girl? I'm ready to fold and run back to my corner to read "Poker for Dummies" or maybe I'll go back to playing snap.

Our buddy seat 7 there checks behind. Ok Mister 7...are you trying to trap me? Do you think I'm going to call your well reasoned river bet just because you let me see it for free? Oh you're a cheeky lad for sure. I've given up on the hand. I'm thinking about what I'm going to have for breakfast tomorrow, or WHY AM I SUCH A DOOFUS?

The river lands. That unassuming little 4, which can't have helped any hand really. B R I C K. I don't even stop to think, I'm already getting my chips ready for the next hand's ante and I'm wondering why there's no valet when I'm playing online. I check.


I blink. I do a double take. I win my least deserved pot ever.

You don't need to reaffirm in the comments how bad my play was, but what are your thoughts on Kid 7's fold??