Ok. I know this isn't true. Jacks can sometimes hold up, but they are one of Those Hands. When I get dealt JJ, those spiky little fishhooks, my reaction is usually that of a child that gets a bike for Christmas and then realises that they have no idea how to ride, and are probably about to fall off and scrape their knees. 


Recently I have changed my opinion a little on Jacks. I was making that classic mistake of overvaluing them. Jacks! A big pair! Hurrah! Let's raise it up, call all the 3bets, oh you've 4bet all in? Yes! I call!

No.  Not any more. I thought that Jacks were up there with Queens and Kings and Aces. I thought that they were winkng at me seductively, giving me the come on...but my love for them was unrequited.. It took me  while to realise, as unrequited love generally does, but  it had to stop. I had to see them for what they really are. They are down there with the 10s and 9s. They can win sometimes, but that's an amber light there, not green for GO GO GO.

I don't look at them the same way now. These days when I am dealt Jacks, my reaction us that of a child that got  Lego for Christmas. I know that I like it, and it might be fun - but I really have to be careful where I am stepping.

A hand that I just played prompted this post. Jacks sometimes chop.