Today I have added another Weekly Round 2 ticket to my stack. Is two of them a stack? I'm not sure. It's the start of a stack though!

The satellite was the Badugi freeroll, which is my weakest game, I think. I was taught to play Badugi a few months ago - and when I say "taught to play" I mean that someone told me the hand rankings and the rules, and we all know that this is not actually learning to play. Since then I have played a lot of the freerolls, and a little bit in Real Life - but I wouldn't say that I am particularly skilled at it. I think that what helps, though, is having an understanding of how other draw-based games work - and having a little skill at those. What also helps is that there aren't as many other people that play Badugi (compared to Hold 'Em or the Omahas). That also means that there aren't as many skilled players.

If you haven't played Badugi before, PokerStars has a handy starter guide and a lovely video:


Try not to get too good though - I want to keep winning!

I bluffed you a little in the title, there isn'y any ugly...hope you're not too disappointed!