I found one of the PSO promotions that I hadn't already completed today, the Chip and a Chair Challenge. The premise, for those of you who haven't played yet, is that you try to make the best of your short stack against a range of scenarios with the top players. I imagine it's the only time that I will find myself at a table with Kid Poker, Liv Boeree and Elky...for a while yet at least

I digress! As you progress through the challenge, you are awarded points, and can win a School Pass for a score of over 800, and two passes for a score over 1500. I stalled at 1385, which was almost like getting into the min cash. At least I came away with a School Pass Ticket!

I have just rubbed my Scratch and Match card to find another School Pass Ticket. so I feel like today has been a bit of a win.

I've had a look at which tourneys I should use my School Pass Tickets on, and I am going to try to use them wisely. I dont really want to enter a rebuy tournament with them, as I think my lack of bankroll will put me at a disadvantage. I like how my self-imposed challenge is making me think more carefully about my decisions. Previously when I have managed to get School Pass Tickets I have splashed them out on the next convenient tournament. I will take this learning forward with me.

Every decision in poker is an important one - even which tournament to play.