No cash in the bankroll yet, but I have a ticket for the Weekly Round 2 next weekend, after grinding at the PL Omaha freeroll for a couple of hours. I ploughed through 1450 runners into the top 30, and my ticket is in my virtual pocket.


I am a fan of Omaha. I find it more interesting than Hold 'Em, and enjoy working out all of the possibe outs and outcomes from my hand. It appeals my puzzle-loving brain. I'd like to play more live Omaha, but there's nowhere around here to play it. Hurrah for PokerStars, eh?

I've only recently started to play the Courchevel varient of Omaha, but I am getting into that in a big way. I'm not fussy about which type of Omaha I play really...4 card, 5 card, Hi/Lo...I'm easily pleased!