Today hasn't been the best day to start off on my challenge, as there aren't that many freerolls about.. I'm enrolled in the Weekly Round 2 this evening, which is 2-7  Draw. It's not my favourite, but I am adequate, and I'm not sure that so many people know how to play well compared to some of the other poker varients.

I noticed that Poker Stars has some guidance for playing 2-7, so I have brushed up on that. Ok, I already knew the rules, but,if you haven't  I've also played a little Play Money 2-7 the past couple of days to get some practice in. I'll let you know if I do anything like well.

In the meantime, today I have been cracking some Aces...with some bad play 

and with some good .

I seem to be filling my Boom up with an array of hands that  I find interesting. Feel free to leave me constructive criticism!