I have decided to keep a blog of my humble beginnings and hopefully not endings of my new poker life. I am a fish, a newbie a self-confessed terrible poker player. I have a lot to learn, and perhaps a lot to unlearn as well. The question is why am I here if I am so incompetent as a player? The answer is simple - essentially i love cards and i love playing poker.

I have been playing now for about a month, reading various articles and watching a few tournaments - all of which i might add have been very helpful - (ty to pokerstars school for that). My game has improved for atrocious to just terrible but i am learning and i know that one day i might be ok at this.

At the mo, i am playing micro stakes- i am still getting upset at peeps who just call with pocket pairs preflop mid position and then i lose to their 4 of a kind with a very good hand. Any comments on this would be appreciated.

For now, my aim is to learn as much as possible and play the best i can. I plan to stick around for a while and hopefully get to know some of you too.

Good luck to all of us here
Lucre Hunter