Today began my first day on and with the PSO ticket in hand; I immediately went to work on the freeroll tournaments. As I looked through each tournament available to me, I knew that the Caribbean Adventure main event would be the prize I would be going for from the start. Warmer waters especially during this time of the year would be a nice added bonus to winning the invitation.
My first attempt at a freeroll tournament felt very similar to my first time at the circus. I was excited going into it and hoping for an amazing showing; however I was really unsure what to expect. The tournament did not disappointment my expectations because right from the very first hand, there was plenty to see. Extremely loose all-in calls, bad beats, and sometimes just plain ridiculous cards on the river could sum up the first five minutes from the start. I guess without the burden of guilt of losing their own cash increases the gumption of individuals. I kept to an aggressive-tight style and did well enough to hit 55th place but I couldn’t feel more disappointed on losing to a bad beat.
Freeroll after freeroll I kept playing and the results kept being the same. I would find myself in good position but with a lack of chip power to really push away big stacks from a random call. AK, JJ, QQ were getting beat at every turn. Noticing the overwhelming trend in all-ins to expand chip room, I did increase my aggressive nature to adapt to the strategy. Although it helped decrease the difference in chips from the bigger stacks, I still found myself in a struggle with taking the bad beats.
After a while, I did change course to the PSO Skill tournaments. I could tell the huge difference in playing style as there were less often all-ins pre-flop, (even though there were two from the start again), and more strategic betting. This made it easier for me to read a player’s betting style and know when they had it or they didn’t. I was able to hit the money…err penny…and took the last beat with KK to two callers A10 and having the Ace hit the flop.
Overall, I enjoyed my first attempt on Pokerstars and came out with 0.02 cents to my name. Although I didn’t make it to the prize, I still came out with something out of nothing after all. I can only take what I have learned firsthand and use the information to make better decisions on the next play. Hopefully, I will be able to take on bigger tournaments in the future and having more to say in the future. I guess I can start by saving up these pennies then to do so!