Facts 1. Loads players wnna be graet, very few are.

Fact 2. To a large extent poker can be taught and learn and improved upon.

Fact 3. |The glory easy years are gone in on;line poker 

Fact 4. Money can still be made from this I would like to live thailand for example and belive beating $100 PLO or NL would provide enough to at least slow my spending of saving haevily as one day and my girlfriend knows and dislikes this but one day I would likle to go there to live.

Fact 5. PLO games softer than NL and talking hands does help improve play

Fact 6. Honestly I just want one person who's game ii respect to talk hands and strategey with in hopes of acceleraed learning as it's often listed as an attribute that does just that.

Fact 7 I was hard for me to put the volume in at NL but PLO for some reason does tilt me less as a game and I find it easier to win and for some reason feel more comfortable playing the game than NL.

 This suprised me as first couple of attempts felt very weird when attempting to play PLO but not anymore or I belive ever again, think I hace the bug for this game for many many raesons I'm enojying that it seems less solved than NL IMO. My cahllange to move up in stales by JUNE minddle of, still stands but its three yes 3 tables only until further notice really would like someone to talk PLO with 6 max ideally

As for fiction that's anyone who believes this game is easy to master, even the best work very hard it isn't an easy game hope it gets more so I really enjoy the learning process anyone have a hunger to improve and wants to talk espically 6 max PLO buzz me 

PS This is a fun game to learn and doing better just makes it more so