Still require No Limit Hold'em regs who are trying to improve their poker game to talk hands, tac tics, strategy and poker pshchology. All things poker really. Having modelled top pros and took their advice talking poker straegy with other players is hailed as on of the best ways to improve after volume and hesds up or short handed. Wanna play heads up cash but have under $50 for each table thats fine as can play for less in poker stars home games that may be one way to speed up skill base and I'm open to it. Also the rakes lower if so Thats an option current main game 6 max and talking hands and such could be good. Game over view, or problem or weird hand opions things like that. I do want to improve ASAP really love poker and would like to talk a few hands and stategy with some regs who wanna also try hard to either move up or just toughen up their game whatevr just improving and working quite hard are the only real aims. WANNA INCRAESE NO LIMIT EV !! LOL


ps I know could pratice cash heads up at lower than 50% a table other sites but i love stars software with the customie options its the best saves time and kinda prevents tilt imo when working properly as does its my number uno place to play to the point of currently being the only one on laptop, why not try the poker school i thought hey passed the quiz lmao so if u wanna get just message me.

Home Games for  6 max can be set uyp quite easily played ove vs my girlfired lol tbh it cd be used for the group sometimes but current population on this group is ................. me hello hello hello?  Wanna try hard and go pro

update on how Im doing on goals..... i dont know balance wise as am expirementing only checking this two weekly (every 14 days) this is to avoid tilt I have learnt that weird weird things can happen ion poker espically at $10 and i guess more so lower down. Solution to bad play being rewarded with my stack and losing be it a 93% AA vs AJ lol = TILT and just decided this sort of thing happens!!! when i would not change the play ever (always after review) shi*t happens and has to be dealt with appropiately (no deviation from A game and processed and learnt from) and best advice i gave myself was to realise thius could tilt me and to not look at balance as often as is maybe natral. Its natral to check but tilt also being natral for humans no check trial it is lol So i sort of dont know but off feel i do feel slightly up  and have really enjoyed playing so far tioday. Quick gym session then another 300 to 500 hands then sleep. So far I'm loving the not checking balance it feels fine so long as i play every hand the best i possibly can and feel its a bponus which i do PS wont be so funny if my estimates are wrong .. find out week on wednesday LOL Honestly thou going well. Reading people very well, in control of emotions balls up and there when the bluff is needed and brakes working when nneded too im feelimg like playing very well over all hey this a one man band atm i need new blood to shut me up ......... NB I'm actually not a huge tilter but belive its always good to do it less but aint as bad as may sound? any great players wanna give me an early xmas present and join? (ill take a pic of my missus naked and send it u if u ad ev to my game lol add lots and she probz wouldnt even mind lmao Serial