Following standard bank roll management in 2017 move up in stakes twice. 1200 hands a day minimum or i whip myself review hands and study an hour a day all things poker this is being done not becasue it is easy but because it is hard. I play 6 max cash NL

Hardest things expected is to not tilt when donks are short term unbeatable cos sometimes short term they are lol Somw well known high stakes players never actaully played cash lower than 5/10 ever like Mr Phil Galfond (big big fan btw) but my path not tilting at hands like KK all in on flop 4bet pot againt 22 and a riverd 2 lol yeh this is 10NL thank god its not lower it would only happen more hey these guys atms in long run (providing no tilt lol) After thinking about how to improve at poker I have to admit its common knowledge its good to talk poker with other players and I want all the edges I can get so I you are my stakes or higher and wanna then lets go problem hands, ideas in general .. lets go ..  About me.. I can afford to put a lot of time into this atm so will. I have always been good at most competative games and a very competative person. I have had a love hate relationship with poker and ofcousre i want to be tom dwan lol 


Durrr and OMG's incestious relationship may not be our thing but I need to talk hands and if you dont know it you do too lol  My STATS 19 VPIP 17 PFR  5.5  3BET  3.0 AF 

I know this will take some hard work ... LOVE POKER !! Buzz me for group talk