hi so this is my first bloge and i coulnt be more happier with myself atm i enterd a 1 dollor 10 cents tourney and imade it to the final table i thought i was a gonner like 3 times but it all worked out in the end we were dowen to 33 peaple and i lost a coin flip with ak vs 99 put me dowen to 11 k in chips i hade no choice but to ship it in and i kept winning then made my way up to 3 milloin in chips but at the end there was 3 of us left we made a dl i was third in chips still got a pretty sweet dl and then we just decited to go all in no matter whut becuase we were played out lol well i lost that but i no i coulda made first just goes to show that you should stddy poker and lern frome all the pros i dedicated myself to be a student of the game 8 mounths before i even join pokeer stars then i joined pso and lernt some skill in only 2 weeks i just want to point out to some players not to give up nomatter whut and gl at the games and wish me luck to lol.