i´ve been playing poker for a year now and the bet sizing is one the thing that is fundamental learn to play.

With your bet size you can tell to the others that you have a pretty strong hand or can be just a bluff or just to see if the opponents have a better hand than yours, so this is why betting is so importante, because tell a lot about a player and about a handed.

i saw the video of betting where the nanoko is talking about the diferent flops and bets you can get. About that, he is a brilliant player and very calm. The video helped me to think more about betting and keep me focused to remember if the opponents raised pre flop or not, was a 3 bet a 4 bet, is my hand better ?

Pokerschool online is a great tool for everyone that wanna learn to practice this game, as for the lazy ones where i´m included, the video section area is just a piece of cake.

My english is not the best but i think that you can see my point. I was on a tilt mode since last month and i now back on track , hope that sunday million can be one oportunity to stop entering on the mode and move to the next level.

Good Luck at the tables