Ok, well I know you're all wondering "WHO THE F IS THIS GUY?" etc etc... and so here is a bit about me ----   since I am here asking for help let me help you help me as the saying goes...



I'm 31, right now I have no job and i am living with my parents.  I know, pretty bad 'starting hand' already - 

now, so here is a small window into my attempts at a poker income/career


on june 30, 2006 I made my first real money deposit on the site that which shall not be names (PARTYPOKER) 

and in the next 3-6 months to 1 year I lost $5000 playing like a loose maniac my only real success was placing 1st in a MTT and earning $350 

I would deposit $500 at a time, because that was my iny pstant credit limiti even went over my credit limit  by $750 and still owe PARTYPOKER this money to this day

omg that  7 years ago that doesn't seem right.


 Anyway after that I never really got it back, you know the desire to succeed that initially got me excited to learn poker ...  and so here I am with some more education and some experience - mainly grinding out freerolls, earning a bit here and there - and losing it back

now you all should be pretty well caught up my level pretty well a clean slate and ready to work hard at earning at least some income from poker I understand the most common and 'best' way of doing this is by grinding out long hours at cash tables but recenlty i am a big fan of 1-table sit'n'gos...

I proffited $20 today by playing two $10 sit'n gos on FTP    

I busted out on the bubble on the first one and I won the 2nd one it was a good game i want to post it.  

Right now I think I am going to look at the course for MTTs wish me luck


and will try to post some hand histories but the POKERSTARS hand replayer doesn't want to open for some reason