Its the end of the year. I'd say it was a very successful year, being able to build a decent bankroll from what is in retrospect a pretty small initial bankroll. I started playing cash with 21 buy-ins for 2NL and here is where my bankroll stands as I write this blog.

Not bad I'd say, though honestly I do feel a bit disapointed. This month my bankroll peaked at a little over $900 with many days left before the end of the year. I was hoping to at least end the year with four digits because of this - also it would have been kind of cool to have close to the same bankroll as Felix's Grind It Up 6-Max Challenge. Unfortunately however I hit a rough patch wherein at the moment I feel a break from poker is required. Losing all those buy-ins still left me with a small $100 profit for the month but I think it could have been alot better.

This year I managed to move up from 2NL to 16NL cash game stakes. I have to admit that I am a bankroll nit and never took shots at higher stakes without at least 40 buy-ins for that new level with one exeption being a failed shot at 5NL. Through this however I never had to worry about going broke or losing a large percentage of my bankroll - which left me more time to actually learn and play poker comfortably. In these 12 months I learned so much about poker and now I'm starting to see how deep this game can go, I feel like I have only just scratched the surface.

At the beginning of the year I did not have any real poker goals set for myself, I just hoped that I could at least be a winning player in cash games. I had made a decent start in the first two months just by studying the basic course material available on the PSO site but when I started reading and posting hands in the forums things really took off from there. By the time May rolled around I had made my first official move up stakes to 5NL, wherein which I'd say I think I did pretty well. August I was at 10NL and then made my final move of the year to 16NL in October. I think I should have and probably could have ended the year at 25NL but I won't complain about where I'm at because for me it was a long hard road to get here.

I'd like to thank the entire PSO team, the hand analysers, the trainers, moderaters and all the members because everyone here does a really amazing job in providing a healthy learning enviornment for anyone who wants to be a better player. I have enjoyed reading all you're posts and blogs as well as watching videos in the archive and attending live sessions as much as I could throughout the year. All these things kept my spirits up when I did not think I could keep going at times. Thank you for making me a more knowledgeable winning player and thank you in advance also for everything you guys will teach me in 2014.