So here ends October. As I write I have not looked at my results for the past week, this is due to the fact that I have found that I am playing differently based on my results. Definitely not good, a single session cannot display a player's true skill level and therefore we as poker players should not let short term results influence our decision making. Additionally, I feel that I will be able to give a more honest analysis of how I have played throughout the month. At the end I will post my current bankroll.

The first thing that I did at the beginning of the month was scrap my goal of reaching GoldStar. I felt that a goal like that would hinder my development by making me feel forced to play a higher volume than I am used too. Instead I decided to move up to 16NL, this was honestly a bit overdue, I feel I have the ability to beat these stakes and I have the bankroll to play comfortably so their really wasn't any reason not to. For the first half of the month I was trying to grind out of my down swing and was breaking even, then, as my mind settled and I was thinking properly again I started to book some profit.

However, one bad session - one REALLY bad session in which I ran into to seriously sick coolers and lose some all in coin flips pretty much reset my bankroll - I had lost Seven buy-ins in that one session. This is one of the things that influenced my decision to not look at my short term results and attempt to avoid tilt... so I reduced volume and took a break.

Upon return I think I played decently, though I did notice myself making some mistakes and not playing based on the ranges I put villains on in some spots. Nevertheless, I feel I am getting close to playing my A-game again and I feel more inspired to learn and improve. I don't know if I will be able to attend more training sessions than I already do since my schedule is pretty random but I will try to catch as much cash game training as I can. I'm also going to be looking through the library and watching videos that I have not as of yet. Furthermore I think I will continue to play without constantly looking at my results, now whenever I start a session I don't feel any pressures to make profit or minimize losses and only focus on the games at hand.

I have enjoyed my time at 16NL so far and now feel at ease playing there. I really like the smaller player pool (significantly smaller than the 10NL and 25NL pools) as it is quite easy to identify regulars and casuals. Also playing against the same regulars more often means I am able to get a feel for how they play and make better decisions against them.

[Previous Bankroll - $650]
[Current Bankroll - $669.52]

Profit 1 buy-in and some change. Better than losing I guess... but lets hope for a bit more than that next month.

Congrats to the Trap Lord for getting his six stars this month and thanks for reading.