So September comes to an end as my break even stretch continues.

This month could have been better, but at my own fault it could have been much worse. Thanks to tilt due to a few coolers at 16NL I saw all my profit fly from my pockets and had to spend the month recovering what I could. At 16NL I was up about 5 buy-ins in the first week then tilted all of it away and then some, I recovered though by moving back to 10NL in addition to playing some deep stacked games. As it stands my bankroll is hovering slightly above the $650 mark. So since my last blog post, I am at $100 profit [10BI for 10NL], fortunately I had some rakeback that kicked in before month end.

I was hoping to reach GoldStar VIP this month, but during my downswing I knew I would have to cut back on volume and honestly I did not feel like grinding much. Eventually as I broke back into the better side of my game I was able to play at a steady rate - I am now playing about 8 tables regularly [4-6 if I feel like just working on my game]. Still, the lack of volume earlier in the month means that getting that GoldStar won't be possible right now, so I will have to try for it next month hopefully with some good results along the way.

Nevertheless, my expiriences at 16NL were not all for naught, I think I learned a few tricks to help squeeze a bit more value from villains and improve some weaker elements of my game. I realized that I was not 4-betting vs light 3-bettors enough in addition to playing against them out of position too often. I think I will have to learn to better adjust against different villains. As I said, I dabbled in a bit of the Deep Anti games, finding that they can be very profitable, I think I may have to learn some deepstacked playing stratagy if I want to do really well but fish and whales play the same so I don't think I need to stress it too much right now.

My results this month minus the rakeback were fairly dissapointing having spewed away my profit and playing catch-up leading to a break even stretch, so even though I am meeting my goal for moving to 16NL, I think I will stay at 10NL for a while longer. When I feel my game is back at its best I will make the move to 16NL, hopefully I will be able to accomplish this as I know overstaying one's welcome at certain microstake level can impare your development as a poker player. Next month I also hope to be able to achieve that GoldStar VIP status so I will try to maintain a certain level of volume.

Thanks for reading fellow PSOers, hope you all had a good September and I hope you all rungood in October.

Oh and one last thing, this is at this point the biggest pot I have won with A high or any hand for that matter. See you on the felts.