First off, heres my graph from July where I played 5NL and took my shots at 10NL. The point around 13,347 hands where the graphs spings up is when the 10NL action takes off from. [FR - VPIP 16/PFR 14/AF 2.8] [6 Max - VPIP 20/PFR 17/AF 3.2].



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Appart from a breif downer at the beginning of the month and being banned from PokerStars for a few days, August has been very steady in terms of poker. As this was my first shot at 10NL I wanted (and expected) myself to do well, and I believe I have. Through 10NL Full ring and Shorthanded I have taken my bankroll from $400 to $550 (peaked at $610) where it stands at this point.

10NL has been my toughest challenge so far and thus I think I played excellently throughout this stint, I believe my game is better than it ever has been. Something which separates 10NL from 5NL I have noticed, is that regulars are less willing to put their stacks in without very strong hands, especially at the Full Ring tables. Regs and thinking players for the most part seem to really understand the aspects of being TAG, though some players are a bit looser, playing higer variance than most would.

I had just about reached the bankroll target I set in July for moving up stakes to 16NL, however, I decided to stay at 10NL for a little while longer. I have been in a rough patch for a few days now and I think it would be best for me to move to a higher limit when I am fully confident in my game (lost 3BI and I feel like the worst player in the world). I will most likely be moving to 16NL in September but I have no poblem taking my time, after all the micro stakes are supposed to be a place to learn and practice better poker - not a race.

Here is my Graph for this month. [FR - VPIP 17/PFR 14/AF 2.5] [6 Max - VPIP 21/PFR 17/ AF 2.1] So I am loose for FR and TAG for 6 Max.

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Wish I didn't loose so much money at the end of the month but at least its profit overall and that count for something. Will play some lower limits for a while to remember what winning feels like. Thanks for reading.