I have had success this month and now have the bankroll to move on from 5NL, I am keeping a clear head and am not becoming overly excited nor overestimating my ability. Instead I will approach my new challenge as a student and as such I will try to take my game to a new level.


Last month I had what was my most expensive downswing so far which saw me breaking slightly under even at the end of the month with a bankroll of around $279. As stated in my last blog I now play Full Ring cash games along with my regular 6-Max cash games, through this I believe that some weaker aspects in my game were improved. I always thought my postflop play was the stronger part of my game and knew that my preflop play was lacking. Through Full Ring I can say it has improved significantly, I am now more aggressive preflop through 3-bets and squeezes and thus my postflop play in 3-bet pots has also improved. I will encourage other 6-Max cash game players to try this format and vice versa as they are both quite profitable.

Now thats all that has been said, as I type this my bankroll stands at $431.40 which means I made roughly $125+ profit this month (20 Buy-ins at 5nl and some 10NL action to close it off). This means for me I can move up to the next level. I don't have a tracker so I can't give any stats or graphs (though they would probably look awesome ) and the math used to calculate my winrate might be over my head :S. It also means that if I am not successful at 10NL I can always move down to 5NL or even 2NL and be able to rebuild which gives me some confidence.


So far I have played a few sessions at 10NL which has left me with some profit. I started by playing Full Ring with a short stack but soon after decided to play a full stack of $10. The games are noticably more aggressive than 5NL but only the regulars' have become stronger players, fish and donkeys remain the same. I had become used to running over regulars through 2NL and 5NL and feeling comfortable folding if they played back at me, 10NL regs however seem eager to play back when they think you're full of it. Also draws and combo hands are played more aggressivly than at 5nl, you will often be raised/check raised on certain boards if you C-bet/D-bet recklessly. However, I am adjusting quickly and am becomming more confident when going up against them. Though I have only been playing there for a short while I have occasionally run into a player-type that was pretty much non-existant at 2NL and 5NL, the LAG. Not donkeys, actual LAG and sLAG regulars along with the TAG's and NIT's and they really will push when they know you will fold to them. I have yet to get lables on all the most common regulars so table selection is a bit tricky, however I am enjoying making higher variance plays versus them.


As it stands I think I will be able to beat these stakes, It will definitly be tougher but I'm sure of myself. I will move to 16NL after I feel I am able to profit comfortably at 10NL and have reached a bankroll of around $600 and go from there. I have not played in any micromillions events or any tourneys at all this month but I won't shead any tears . That probably won't change throughout August, not really into tourneys but GL and congrats to all who participated/will participate in them. I really should try to get a tracker so I could show some pretty graphs and stuff in addition to doing some self analysis but for now its just me, my notes and the bet slider .

Thanks for Reading. GL at the tables, but only if you are trying to play well .