In May I finally left the 2NL stakes behind me and moved on to the relm of 5NL. Having had taken shots at 5NL previously (and failing) I learned a little about the level of play from regulars at those stakes and knew what level of play was required to be profitable. I believe I reached that level, May was a success

Pretty decent TAG graph IMO, has some nasty swings here and there but overall it was going in the right direction. For the month I was playing at VPIP/PFR 29/24 AF 2.25 at 6-max with a winrate of 17bb/100. Surely if I could keep that up I would be at 10nl in no time! But then came June...

The graph has to speak for itself because I'm still having trouble explaining it. Some bad beats and my fair share of tilt sessions and this is what happens, all I can do is call it a downswing. I didn't know what I was doing wrong at the time. Eventually after hitting rock bottom I played some 2NL to get my confidence back and relearn the basis that my game was built on. I didn't like it but it had to happen. Feeling I was confident I was back at 5NL ready for action! I had found my place again and grinded out of what is probably my 2nd biggest downswing so far.I even refound my love for Full Ring, the sudden spike around 10,000 hands is from this;

The giant downturns on the 1st half of the graph were pretty much the opposite of this and probably what sent me on tilt.

At the end of it all I was playing 25/19 AF 2.0 for 6-Max (tighter than usual) and 18/14 AF 2.4 for Full Ring with an overall losing rate of 4bb/100. It would have been in the profit zone but I was at a crossroad around the end of the month, keep playing Reg tables and lose my Silver Star or take a chance at 5NL Zoom and make 100 VPPs in 3 days. Decided to keep my Stars , definately not ready for 5NL Zoom but I didn't plan on playing it anyway. I can definately make the money back in July and hopefully not have to struggle to stay Silver.

I'm glad to say I enjoy Full Ring and will definately make it a part of my daily grind along with my 6-Max diet - no more Fast Food though. I think i can probably reach 10NL in August but who knows what might happen.

Trial for HM2 tracker is going to expire soon but I won't really miss it, but no more pretty graphs .

If there is a next time see you then, GL at the tables.