I've been playing poker as a recreational player for about 5 years now. Have always been losing about the same amount as I was winning. Running (really) good for some stretches, getting over confident and losing all my winnings at higher stakes. Tilting every now and then, but I always had the feeling I could be a lot better. I guess my story isn't a lot different from most other starting players out there.

Since the beginning of this year I've started to try and improve my game (6max cash) by studying my handhistories, by reading loads of theory and, above all, by watching the Grinding It Up! series by xflixx on Youtube. Watching this series made me realize it's 'normal' for a player, even for a pro, to run bad, to make mistakes, in other words, to lose money. It just happens.

This has given me the confidence and peace of mind to really take my game to a higher level. I've crushed the 2nl stakes, cashed out my initial deposits from this year and are now at a decent bankroll, grinding away at 5nl. My goal is to move up the stakes in a similar way to xflixx, but this will probably take me a lot longer

For those who are interested, I will a montly overview at the end of each month to share what happened, how my bankroll is doing and what I've learnerd. I've also decided to become more active on PSO to try and help out my fellow players. And this seems like a great way to start.