Played the 2000 PSO tourny last night... Had a player suck out on me on the river (what else is new?).... But this post is not about him.... It's about another player who decided to insert his two cents after I said to the player and I quote.... "Nice hand but you know you had no business in it." This "player" who shall remain nameless...... Screw it! I'm naming him.... LAWMOUTH! goes on a hour long tyraid trying to correct me on my comment... And even though I sunk to his level and went tit for tat with him, I could'nt help but wonder..... WHY IS HE EVEN COMMENTING ON A HAND HE WAS'NT EVEN IN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I could understand if he had lost chips or won chips in that hand, but LAWMOUTH had folded pre-flop so he had no beef in that hand WHATSOEVER!!!! And after attempting to chew me out on how I was such a sub-par player who didn't make the PSO Warm Up last month and won't make it this month (witch he is wrong on that account after last night. I'm back on track to qualify! hehehehehe), he proceeds to get sucked out on by a donk!!!! talk about ya irony!!!! Maybe just maybe if he would have spent more time concertrating on HIS HANDS and not looking up my point standings and critizing my play and comments, he would have finished better than he did!!!!!

Food for Thought