Hello O Ye Poker Fans You...

This being my first blog... I will take this time to vent my aggressions on the sport that we all soo love... And when i say "we" I mean those who play the game the way it is supposed to be played!!!! Whitch leads me into my venting stage.... I'm sure those of us who have been playing for the last 10 years plus know who I'm about to blast.....THE DONKS!!!!!!!!!!

True enough the reason why online poker and poker in general has seen such growth is the fact that ESPN has dedicated coverage to the WSOP... The downfall is that people have watched the WSOP and say to themselves... "I can be the next Cris Moneymaker... The next Fossil Man... The Next Joe Cada..... " and create a profile on Pokerstars and jump in whole hog.... WITHOUT ANY TRAINING OR EVEN THE BASIC CONCEPTS OF HOW TO PLAY POKER!!!!!

I am sooo sick of donks thinking that playing poker is pushing their chips all in on every hand!!!! I have no problem with beginning players who make rookie mistakes.... But when we (and by we I mean REAL PLAYERS!!!) have to sit through hand after hand of donks calling all in all the time I as Im sure other REAL PLAYERS do WE GET SICK OF IT!!!!

Being that we are entering the holiday season... I have to say that all I want for Christmas is for donks to read into what they are getting into..... Join the PSO... Buy a book on how to play.... AND READ IT!!!! If all players do this then how grand the sport of online poker will be!!!!!!!! And not the joke it is now!!!!!!!!