The cycle of bad hands and bad beats in poker is a ruthless unseen enemy. We have all undoubtly felt the cold dead touch of this sadist. and to some the touch seems to hover and just wait to reach the cold finger down and throttle the neck of its victim. the cards will do such funny things as change as u look at them or blood will run from the screen to obscure what button u want to hit. most of the seasoned poker players on this planet will just shrug their collective shoulders and trudge on thru the much of funk cards till the swamp dries out again and they can walk back onto solid ground. the poor souls who allow the funk to drag them into the dark depths of the water known as the sadist dealer will just rail against the unmoving wall of yuck. i am so glad to say i am a trudger...... what shall be your fate when the sadist dealer reaches down your shirt neck. dead or a screamer.