Okay, heres the sob story. the last 2 days have been filled with numrerous extreme bad beats holding group 1 hands. i have lost to runner runners, flopped boats, river 2 outters, and i cant or wont remmeber what else. the horror of it all is i have went back and looked at my preflop play and post flop play and in ever instance cant see where i made a bad move but alas the poker gods have decided last 2 days are lets kick dougie inthe teeth with a mule hoof. the toll is a disaster to my sattelite leauge ratign and 2 skill league bad finishes. well. if the dealers and poer gods feel i need to work from a hole then so be it but just remember all that this happen last month and the worm will turn and when he does he will be breathing fire so to all those whose great forture has allowed the suckouts to destroy aces preflop 4 times and kings twice and queens once in last 2 days beware the karma and fates will turn and when they do beware the 800 pound gorrilla looking at u like a piece of juicy banana. i will feast on that banana and i will enjoy the taste.