I thought it may take a while longer as I'm only playing freerolls at the moment, in line with my goal of building a workable bankroll from nothing. Okay it was only four cents but oaks, acorns and all the other cliches. I played in my third ever PSO skill league tourney the day before yesterday (11/4/11) and placed 28th out of 969. I busted by going all in for about five and a half big blinds with J10 off suit at UTG+1. I was about to be in the blinds again and reasoned that it was a playable hand, and statistically I was unlikely to get a better hand next deal. I was called by the big blind with A9 off suit and I agreed with his play. Nothing changed with the board so I was out. The guy who busted me finished second in the tourney, I've yet to decide if that is significant to me in any way. Does it make me feel better? Possibly. Could I have folded; yes, would I have got a better hand next deal; certainly not guaranteed. It's all too easy to second-guess but I made a decision and I stand by it. Anyway, I'm quite happy with my performance. Made a few rookie mistakes, but I am and I know what they were , so fair enough. This was on top of (barely) hanging in to 'cash' in a Facebook freeroll for a ten cent ticket earlier that day, 141st out of 2859. It was touch and go, really card dead and I admit to shamelessly running the clock. But hey, they all count, right? (Incidentally, thanks to the two guys on my table who were offering encouragement as I crept into the money, I appreciated it and I wish I could remember your names. My first experience of actual friendly chat!) As an aside, my first four hands after the bubble? QQ, AK, AA, QQ. Lol. Now, I fully realise that I won't get off whitestar status this month, or next. But if I can get up the leaderboard, it's all great experience. Even if the cash isn't great as a whitestar, it's obviously in my own interest to get up there. When (he says confidently) I am consistently high in the leaderboard, I can see about earning the required VPPs. Any constructive thoughts/comments/criticisms always welcome. Cheers, Ram.