Just completed the MTT quiz, got 73%, which is ok but I'm not particularly happy with it. I can't help thinking it would be nice to know where I dropped points, so that I know where I am weak and need to work on. If there is a way of finding out where I lost points, I would be grateful if someone could point it out to me.

Earlier today I was in the freeroll starting at 1142 (can't remember what it was called). I came 157th out of 9000. Obviously not in the "money" but I thought it was a reasonable effort.

Another one (Facebook freeroll) I came 1002 out of 2817. Not happy with my performance, far too loose and chasing.

And in the freeroll starting at 1022, I came 551 out of 9000. Not bad I guess. I'm finding that my maths is letting me down. I keep forgetting to do it, and when I do remember, I'm finding it hard. Got to work on that, lots of practice in my future.

I think I might just do a quick play money 6 max sitngo, then it's time to get ready to go bowling.

Cheers for now,