About seven years ago I was up late for some reason and happened to catch Late Night Poker, with Victoria Coren, Devilfish, the Hendon Mob and the like. By the end of my first episode I was hooked (little "fish" reference:roll: ). Anyway, I recorded a few more episodes and remember thinking "that doesn't look so hard". Oh dear.

I started playing with play money, learning my way, making some massive mistakes, but hey, it's all for fun right? So I joined a few poker rooms to find out which I prefered. I came across one that I think was called Gpoker or something? I remember it was something to do with Tony Guoga.

I should point out that due to personal circumstances I have never, nor am I right now, in a position to put any real money into the game. Hopefully soon that may change.

Anyway, back to Gpoker? I started buying Poker Player magazine and there was that article with Chris Ferguson "0 to $20, 000". So I looked on Gpoker and started playing the freerolls. It was so easy! I went from 0 to $168 in about 3 months. Then the site just closed down, no warning! I tried getting my winnings from them, they said something along the lines that I needed to get my User I.D. number. But of course, with the site down, I had no way of getting it.

Not impressed! Kinda put me off a bit if I'm honest.

But I continued to watch poker on TV, and played on Facebook, and on a couple of other sites but only for play money. But now I've decided to give it another go.......

So I signed up for PSO the other day, browsed the site and then took the Basic (89%), Core (78%) and Sit n Go (93%) quizzes. I played a couple of play money games to get used to the site and then registered for the Facebook 3:30 Freeroll.

I placed 24th out of 1922.

It would have been higher I think, but my cat jumped on me and I clicked fold by mistake on a rather large pot, when I'm fairly sure I had the nuts. £#c*1n@ cat!!

Anyway, the long and short of it is, I'm going to make another attempt at starting a bankroll from scratch. After all, Pokerstars is a top site, it can't just disappear like Gpoker! I hope......

Ah. Just read that I have to deposit $10 to claim my five $3.40 tourney entry tickets. Ok, I'm sure I can find £7.50 from somewhere.

Anyway, to those who got to the end of this ramble, sorry about that ops:

Onwards and upwards!