Hi Guys,

Firstly i love poker, i could eat sleep and drink poker; but i dont play professionally or full time.  Currently i have a job (for security and to pay the bills ) and i also play relaltively small sessions in the evenings and then some mtts if i can fit them in.

I mainly play SNGs and MTTs but have dabbled with cash although is currently coming out at -3bb/100 which is slightly frustrating.

Anyway the point of my blog is to commentate on my progress and post key hands which arre of interest to me and would live to hear your opinions on my play, i am not results orientated but would like to understand if i have potentially made a mistakle

I also use a HUD and SNG wiz so if any of you have any questions related to that i would be interested in speaking to you,.

Anyway thanks for dropping by and good luck at the tables

( Looselad1)