hello peeps

well im pretty new to this poker malarky and i thought id start my blog after being stung with 2 pair!
to be honest it was my own fault really, i had J-10 off and the flop came J-10-5, two clubs and a heart, i bet the flop pretty strong and was called, out came a 7 of spades, i bet again this time it was a pot size bet, called again! 
im now thinking he had a big pair like Q's, K's or A's, if i have him crushed!
the thought of a flush never even came to mind! my inexperiance i guess!!!!!
then guess what?! yip you guessed it out comes a Q of clubs, again i bet (this time a half size pot bet) and was rased. now im thinking he may have the flush, but why not raise me on the turn? 
i guess im just not that good at poker really!
so as expected i loose the pot and over half my chips.
it took me about a hour to get back to the chip count where i was before the sting...........................