Ok, so this was a little weird.

For the first hour of a league game last night, 5 out of the 9 players were sitting out.
This has never happened to me before, so we were playing 4 handed which was a bit of a new experience for me.

Anyway, my results have started to improve a little but still on occasion making silly calls.
Today 2 players raised before me and I had KQ off-suit. I knew someone was likely to have an ace yet I still called and lost over half my stack. Lesson learnt, was doing ok up until that point.

But I am still quite new to poker but my game is tightening up, i'm evaluating my hand and possible outs better, for instance I had 4 clubs and wanted a club on the river, I felt that it was a good deal to call and hit the card I needed.

All in all still enjoying things.