Right, i'm clued up and raring to go. I find a tournament starting at a decent time and enter. My heart starts beating. The table opens and i'm seated. Then I get my first cards. What do i do? should I raise, fold or just call. I decide to fold, play it safe. Much of the next hour is like this, folding, calling occasionally, maybe raising once or twice. My only annoyance was when my attention slipped and I fold King, Queen of hearts with a Flop including Ace, Two of hearts. ( the turn was a heart aswell, i spent the next hour grumbling to myself) Anyway, what was my result I here you screaming. Well, i actually finished 58th out of 563 earning the princely sum of $0.03 The best thing was that I learnt a lot, and that why i'm playing in this league. Next ambition, well i'm looking forward to the next month so that i'm in it from the start.