So here we are again. I waited for this a long time but finaly the WBCOOP is back. I play on Pokerstars for 3 years now. I had no big earnings, and when I think a little better, I had no earnings at all  .

My biggest dream was to play the sunday million and see myself at the final table replay. But I also wanted to play the new saturday super knockout (320 $ buy in). Few months ago I managed to earn myself about 280 $ with the start at 40 $.

I played all kinds of games ( sng, cash games, mtt tournaments and some sattelites). One day I played the 320 $ saturday super knockout sattelite. The buy in was 8 $ and I got the ticket and was emediately registered on the tournament ( late reg.).

I think that this was my best moment at Pokerstars because I have never played such a big tounament with a big buy in like this. I was thrilled and played it quiet good. But then something happened that destroyed all my whishes.

I was in the early position with KK. I raised about 4 BB's. The player on the button was shortstack and he had 77. He reraised all in and I certainly can't fold KK so I called. And then commes the flop.

I can't remember the whole flop but I can still remember that there was a 7. So the guy takes half of my stack with weaker cards, and a few moments later I busted out without taking anyone down for the 154 $ bounty. It's pretty sad that it turned so bad at the end for me.

I was a few days in a big mess. I didn't play poker at all. And it still hurts when I think of this moment. I think that this was the worst bad beat that I ever had.So after the few days break I started to play again, but with this whole thing on my mind it was not possible to play so good. I had to get my self confidence back and relax a little while playing.

Now I have a new dream. And I hope to fullfill it. In eleven days starts the sunday million 7 anniversary. Everyone knows that the prize pool will be over 7 million dollars. And I would be happy to play it and to just get in the money. It doesn't matter if I'm not the winner .
I am planing to play the eleven dollar sattelite. I played it last year too, but I did not get the entry into the sunday million.

I also had a moment last summer. I earned just with 10 dollars 360 $. That was my greatest achievement. I played a few days trying to get more out of it, but I went down to 260 dollars and than requested a payout.I played zoom poker, heads up cash games and mtt tournaments and felt very lucky these days. I basicly turned nothing into 260 dollars profit.

Despite all the bad beats, bad cards, sometimes no luck at all and the nervous breakdowns, I still haven't break anything in my room and I am still playing poker. So I can say that every time I play on Pokerstars it is a great moment for me and I know it's a great moment for everyone else.

Thanks for all the great stuff on Pokerstars, and thanks again for giving an opportunity to all the players that have small bankrolls or no bankrolls at all .
Goog luck to all and see you at the tables.