What would I do with 5000 dollars?
Well, there is a lot of things that I would do, such as turn this 5000 $ in a few dollars more. I probably would take 1000 or 2000$ for further poker playing, and with the rest i think that it would be smart to pay out and buy some nice things.
First of all, I need a faster PC, but I would not buy a PC, I'd rather find a good laptop because I travel often, so this would be a better solution. Second thing would be a nice watch, nothing to expensive, because the third thing would be a travel with my girlfriend. We probably would visit London or Paris, or a nice summer vacation on the adriatic coast, I'm from Croatia so it's near.
The other 1000$ or 2000$ that is for poker, would be a big oportunity to earn some more cash and build a nice bankroll. I like to play sng and also want to try one sunday million because it is my big wish to play one. I allways watched the sunday million final table at pokerstars tv.
The scoop is also comming soon so it would be nice to play an event or two. I play poker for five years now, but i discovered the online poker two years ago. It is my big passion, but when I lose, my concentration just falls and I stop to play for a day or two. It kind of gets me on my nervs when there are big fishes that call with the worst cards and beat the best cards such as AA or KK and etc.. But it is just a game and I allready got used to it.
I forgot to mention, maybe I would buy myself a nice car, there are not expensive here. 5000$ is about 26000 Croatian money (kuna) and that is some nice cash. And what would be when I earn some more cash on online poker with those 5000$? I think that I would open a restaurant, or a nice coffee bar, maybe a fast food too. That is also my big dream because I'm a cook and that is what I do for living.
Who knows, maybe one day I become a Pokerstars pro, and that my people, is my biggest dream of all. I allways was wondering what would it be like to play with the big guys,  on poker after dark or on a live event wearing a Pokerstars t-shirt.
That's it, now you know all my dreams and secrets, what I would do if you select my blog as the best one , and I hope you like my blog because it is the first that I'm writing. I also hope that it will not be a problem that I wrote the blog on Pokerschoolonline. I was thinking to send a video but i had no idea what to record and how to record it.
Greatz to everyone at Pokerstars, all the players ( the female ones too ).

So, see you on the tables guys, and good luck.