Ok, I am an accountant/technology provider by trade, but, long days, just dont want to think about all the darn ratios and groups etc... until i get them memorized of course, or am on a single table instead of many, but, Tournament Indicator is great, and, after reading all of the materials, it really is helping me get the Categories and helping me confirm who is playing how as i am trying not to use the stats portion of it aside to verify my thoughts before betting or folding.

Anyway, thought i would throw it out there, i had to buy the darn thing as my PS account is years old, but, just more you gotta win right :-)


PS - as i was posting this, gotten smacked down hard in the PSO Skills tourney, which sucks cause it was my first one.  Wont post name, but, I know i did this right unless someone can tell me where i went wrong.

Player directly to right had played damn near every hand in that i saw (was away from table for a minute)

Starting Stack (Me $1,440 - Him $2,560)

I had A 10 Off Suit Big Blind
He checked and two others limped in
I raise to 120, which yes, should have been 210 (fat fingered it - truly trying the guidance to a tee for a bit to gauge results)
he check-raised to 475
I called, the other two folded
Flop -J7J 
So, since he was loose as heck, playing crap hands and all over the place, i still had high kicker, no way he had J with the way he came in, So I went all in with only $995 let to begin with and $1,010 in the pot and he called.

He called, had 8 6 Off Suit, caught a 6 on the Turn which killed my A and of course A nor 10 hit.  

Anyway, point is, I believe i did that right, but, i am sure my Rank is going to PLUMMET going out 974th in my first PSO Skill Tourney.