OK, so, i have been playing off and on for a few years, well, took a few off due to the ex getting crabby that I was ignoring her, hence the ex, so yeah, she was right, but that is for another time.

Anyway, I had never noticed the PSO before, but, went through it all this week, and figured what the heck, follow the advice to the T, or try to.

This summer, I placed several times in the $12 180, and won it once, them, for 4 stinking months i couldnt get past the 20-50 ish range.  Today, after going through the notes, printing them off, and doing what i could to interpret the guidance with the larger base, i made it to 8th,  however, I believe that I should have made it to the top three at least.  Below is the last 20 hands, if anyone could comment on what I Jacked up, or confirm it was just the cards, that would be great.

Crud, not enough room to post, I will add another one later and put the hand history on one of my web servers, and, also, there is a great calculator I found a week ago that fits nearly 100% of what was written on the site.