Do you admire any successful people? Chances are if you do they have probabally had to reinvent themselves more than once in their life. Successful people usually have new ideas and directions they are working with in order to succeed and be truly great.

I remember when I first discovered poker. I had heard of it before, because I used to play snooker with some friends and the club we played in held poker tournaments. But I knew nothing about cards at the time, and the only card game I could play was snap.

It was back in 2008. I was watching Wimbledon Tennis on TV and I had placed a small bet on the match. I logged in to check the status of my bet, because the tennis was rained off. When I logged in there was an advert, for poker. Play a 'freeroll' it said. I didn't know anything about poker but the thought of playing a game where you can win some money and it doesn't cost you anything sounded kind of cool. So in I went. Needless to say I didn't cash, but I enjoyed it. After that game I decided I wanted to learn a strategy to enable me to do well if I played again.

So I googled - poker hand ratings. At the time you see I didn't even know if a Jack was higher or lower than a Queen! Let alone if a royal flush was better than trips. I can still remember printing out the hand rankings and studying them. Those are some cute memories.

Here is my email from PokerStars when I first opened my account


It's a special e-mail as it marks the start of a 7 year quest to accomplish great things with poker, and my 'coming of age' by becoming a member of the best poker site in the world!

In the 7 years since, the initial excitement has passed a little, watered down by the years of high hopes and failed attempts at moving forward with my game.

Well it's time to reinvent myself. A few days ago I deposited $10 which is now gone into the great poker economy - but I did so knowing I could take advantage of the 100k freerolls that PokerStars offers. For 30 days I can play 4 freerolls a day each with $1,000 in prize money. What a great deal. Sure there are alot of entrants! But it's a free tournament and if I consider my chances of success against the very big field in the 100k freeroll today, and compare it with my chances of success in the little field freeroll back in 2008 (with zero poker knowledge!) - I think I prefer my chances today

How am I going to reinvent myself?

I am going to enjoy each hand, enjoy the time I'm playing and don't autopilot or just go through the motions. I'm playing a great game on the best poker site in the world - I should not forget this. Every hand is important. The difference between an early shower and potential great glory, so I need to remember this as the games progres!

I am going to get more intentional about what I am doing. I am going to be more structured in my approach to the game. For now that means I'm going to play as many of the 100k Freerolls as I can and not play anything else.

I am going to behave as I want to be and not as I am. Wait what?!!!! What I mean by that is I have an idea of the type of character I want to have at the table. It's relaxed. Happy (Daniel Negreanu esque!) and it's not tilted by any thing that happens on the table. As I reinvent my approach to the game I am also going to reinvent my character on the table and how I think and behave while I play the game.

Have a healthy state of mind

Be positive. Be happy. Be focussed.

Keep things in perspective.

This is just one game from hundreds.

Celebrate my good play.

Just because I don't win a tournament, if I play well - I'm going to congratualte myself and be happy about that.


I'm also going to treat every freeroll as if it was worth a million $ and my play was being televised around the world.

I will update you with my results at the end of the month. At which point I hope to report a nice little bankroll thanks to my freeroll winnings. I'll also update you on how well my personal reinvention went.

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment

Have a great Sunday!