3.28am and I just couldn't sleep. I'm not at work at the moment which means I have a lot of time on my hands. Time i've never had available to me before. Time I can spend practically how I want.

Which means I am playing ALOT of poker and thinking about poker for most of the day because it's a real passion of mine. So what has all this got to do with modelling excellence? Well I've studied some NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in the past and a key concept of NLP is modelling excellence.

It just dawned on me laying in bed. This is what I need to do. It's time to break free into the poker player I've always wanted to be. I need to believe I already am that player. I need to think like that player, and act like that player. I need to react like that player to situations as they arise on the table, I need to be that player.

I got as far laying in bed as to thinking which player do I want to model the most, and it came down to two, Phil Ivey or Daniel Negreanu. I was definately edging towards Daniel Negreanu because he's a fun kind of guy and that is a personality trait I really like. The idea of being completely stoical playing for hours on end, well it didn't seem all that appealing.

Then again, I thought - that stoic presence of Phil Ivey would come in good use in high pressure situations, or situations that have previously been high emotion for me. What a great skill to have at the table - a detachment that lets you just machine your way into fortunes.

Then it struck me. I'm modelling excellence. This is my model. The great thing about this is I can pick the traits I love from both Daniel's game and Phil's and turn that into a unique model that will truly belong to me. The birth of a whole new player.

So i've decided very seriously, to do just that. When I am playing I'm going to be thinking as these great players think. I'm going to emulate their brilliance while adding my own blend of unique flair to my experience on the table.

As part of this project I'm going to be watching interviews, looking out for clues about the way each thinks about the game. I'm going to be watching High Stake Poker, Poker After Dark and The Big Game, but this time instead of paying attention to the hands i'm going to be focussing on the personality and way each of these great players carry themselves at the table to give me clues about the way they think, because if I can really start to think like them, naturaly my game will start to develop more of their traits.

So there it is. My plan for poker greatness over the coming months and years.

Modelling excellence, how hard can it be?