I am a huge fan of Andre Coimbra. He is the inspiration for this challenge. For those that do not know about the challenge Andre set out with $100 and is on a mission to get it to $100,000. Currently Andre is at $54,493.47.

The great thing about Andre's challenge is he is charting his progress every step of the way, but even more important for us aspiring players Andre is sharing insights into his strategy every step of the way! As Andre says in his first video log: -

"Here's the good news. Since I made the mistakes you don't have to do them, you can just listen to me and not make the same mistakes"

This is such a great resource for aspiring players. I'm going to make full use of it and approach my own challenge in the same way that Andre has approach his - as a learning opportunity. The humble posture towards learning is something that really comes across in Andre's posts.

I have been a losing player for all my playing time, so this will be a huge achievement if I achieve this and I plan to put a tonne of energy into this exciting challenge to make sure I do!

My own strategy is going to be to take 1 week at a time.

At the start of each week I am going to review Andre's post for that week in his challenge, and review his video content and note key points I want to take into my own game. I'm also going to update my blog here regularly at least twice a week to keep me on track and to share the journey here with PokerSchoolOnline, i'm going to be watching Andre's strategy videos frequently and also tapping into the massive content available on PokerSchool Online.


I have all the tools available to make this happen, now it's down to me!


Thanks for checking by, good luck at the tables. =)