So, I didn't get off to the best start in January, but I was turning things around and feeling like I was playing better again.  Then tonight in the PSO skill league tourney I made a stupid mistake.  I should know better than to go all in during the first couple rounds of blinds, but I had AK on the button with only 1 other player in and the other guy had been playin pretty loose, so when he shoved, I called.  He shows 74o and I thought I might be alright, but he flops a 4 and then just to rub it in another 4 comes up on the river.  There's some negative points; I finished over 1600.  8-O

Frustrating! but it's early in the month and I know I can come back from this.  It's a good lesson.  Now I've vented and hopefully I will redeem myself tomorrow.  :-D    Gotta love poker!