Tougher than I thought!

Been unable to crack the top 1,000.  Sitting at 1156 ranking right now.  Hope to do well in the last few days of league play to grab a top 1,000 finish.  First month in, my goals were a little lofty. 

My goal is still try not to deposit any money into PokerStars and use this tournament $.50 winning to get enough VPP points to get a larger tournament payout next month.  It looks like i'm 2 months out from being able to play in the premier league now, and that's only IF i can use the $.50 to get enough VPP's to be eligible.  Pretty difficult to do, but if I can accomplish my goal I will be ready to move up to the next level of difficulty.

Once I can make the premier league I will begin planning my Poker trip to Macau.  Until then, my goal is to read the video's on cash cames and multi table tournaments to get a better understanding of the strategy that I need.

Also, after watching ChewMe1's video on the 90 MTT I will also read the book he recommended, "Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand at a Time."


What I've learned this month about the Open League:

1. Early in tournament weaker players will call good hands, increasing the odds of a bad beat.

2. Making it to about 2,000th place will get me points.

3. Winning one big hand within the first 30 minutes will allow me to make a top 2,000th place.

4.  If I don't catch any cards, slow playing my folds helps me ensure I get into points for league.


That's all for now!