Today markes my first week of playing in the PokerSchoolOnline league tournaments.  I've been away from poker about 2 years now, but as it always finds me, I am again trying to build a tank from scratch. 


As of this writing, I've played in 6 tournaments. 

Yesterday I placed 358th out of 10,000

Today I made it up to 159th of 8396 woohoo!


I'm still trying to figure out how the points work for the league.  I was at 27,000th place now I'm down to 10,157, but I'm wondering how much I will move up after my 159th place. 


Still a long ways to go, but playing in a live tournament and making money is my goal!

This Months Poker Goals:

1.  Place in top 100 in the Open League tournament

2.  Secure a top 500 standing in league

3.  Get a ticket for the premier league tournaments for December!