3rd month of being in the Pokerschool Poker League is Ovah!.

In November, my first month, I ranked 1648 out of 12113 players.

In December, my ending second month, I ranked 740 out of 13615 players.  I ended up winning $3.00 for the month. 

For January, I ranked 982 out of 15226 and won another $3.00.  I barely "squz" into the ranking as I had a slight downturn so I took a mini break.  Came back and finished off the month and ranked.  That felt good.

I noticed in January the definitive increase in the amount of players playing in the daily tournaments which definitely created a bigger and more challenging playing field.

At the end of January, I cashed 3rd in a 45 person sit and go.  That was fun and felt good.

all in all I am still seeing improvement but still also trying to find the right mechanism to consistently win money versus loosing.  It's a tough balance.  I think this is my biggest challange at the moment.  I am finding I get really close to the bubble alot of the time, but can't quite move past it and/or am blinded out alot of the time by not playing enough hands. 

I think I get too exuberant sometimes.  LOL. 

I just read someone else's blog about the North American Poker League, so I think I'm going to check that out this month.  I am already part of the weekly Sunday Twitter Poker League which is a ton of fun each Sunday afternoon.  Also, I am on this Poker School League.  What's one more league!!! LOL  I did try temporarily the Facebook Poker League but for whatever reason it wasn't as much fun.  I absolutely ADORE the Twitter Poker League though and it's like a staple regiment of my week.  In January, I was awarded one of the tickets for the Final Game which was fun too.

I really am finding myself enjoying tournament play.